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I am a lover of the classic Universal Monsters, first and foremost. Like many others, it really all started there for my interest in sculpting, etc. I truly appreciate those original creature designs that influenced the future generations to come. There is certainly the fair share of modern classics that are responsible from where my inspirations are derived, as well. When I'm not tending to my professional career as a Multimedia/Classroom Support Technician in higher education, these are some of the projects I have enjoyed working on in my personal time. In addition to making things, I am also a collector of monster and classic horror ephemera.


Have an interest in having your favorite creature, monster, alien or other novelty character recreated in 3-Dimensional form? Or maybe your favorite prop replica from a film on display in your home or place of business? 

I would like to offer my skills to fabricate a rendition of whatever it is that you desire to have made. Whether it be large or small scale, the following is a list of some of the types of items I have created:

-life-size foam-filled figures

-latex wearable masks

-latex wearable gloves/hands

-resin busts

-resin hands

-large EPS foam props

-smaller resin props

-wearable dental prosthetics

-costume garments

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